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Caring for Your Vision in the Workplace

The office or factory can be a dangerous place for your eyes. It is important for both companies and their employees to be educated about workplace eye safety and how to avoid work related eye incidents.

Each day, people suffer from job related eye injuries that need the attention of an eye care professional or doctor. Workplace safety experts and healthcare professionals say that the two main reasons that workers experience eye injuries is either because they fail to wear anything to shield their eyes or they are using the incorrect type of eye protection.

The most common hazards in the work environment include flying particles or falling objects such as building or craft materials that can penetrate or cause abrasions on the eye. Chemical sprays, fumes and flames can also scorch and seriously injure the delicate eyes.

Making Work a Safe Site

There are 4 important tips to avoid eye accidents at work:

  • Know the eye safety dangers related to your work.
  • Reduce your exposure to risks before you commence work by obtaining machine shields, screens or other engineering controls.
  • Request protective glasses that sit correctly and provide sufficient protection for your job. Your eye doctor will be able to help in determining the best protective eyewear for your particular situation.
  • Make sure to keep your safety eyewear in optimal condition, and have it replaced if even just slightly damaged.

Computer Monitors and Healthy Vision

Working with computers or using mobile devices can also be unsafe for your vision.

Below are some helpful ways to prevent putting your eyes under unnecessary pressure when using hand held devices or working on a computer:

Try to maintain the 20-20-20 rule to give your eyes a rest. At least every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. If using a mobile device, make the font bigger so you'll be able to use it at a distance better for your eyes.

In addition try to keep the light intensity of your screen to a resolution that is not too bright or too dim and place your monitor just below eye level to be less of a strain on your eyes. You may also want to speak to your eye doctor about computer glasses.

If you have any further questions about protecting your vision at your workplace, please contact us today!


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